You need the stretch film, industrial bags or scotch tape?

We can offer all kinds of stretch wraps (films), industrial sacks (bags) and duct tapes: stretch adhesive films, shrink films, crackling "air bubble" film, polypropylene film, agricultural film, mulch film for strawberries ...

Stretch Wrap / Stretch Film

 Today it is the most commonly used film for packaging products during transportation ... Read more

Shrink Wrap

 It is low-cost, easy to use, water resistant, eco-safe and protects the product from ... Read more

Air Bubble Wrap

 Air bubble wrap comprises of air bubbles between the layers of polyethylene ... Read more

Polypropylene Foil

 Polypropylene Foil is used for packaging on horizontal and vertical packaging machines ... Read more

Agricultural Foil

 Basic features of the agricultural foil are: protection of crops from cold, wind, frost, rain ... Read more

Strawberries Mulch Film

 Standard thickness of film (plastic) for strawberries is 14µm and the width is adjustable ... Read more

About Us

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    Company MP Roll Line d.o.o. with its headquarters in Bečmen (Surčin), near Belgrade, supplies numerous customers with various types of foils, for packaging of food products, as well as for packaging, protection and stabilization of all other products, from mineral fertilizers, across PET packaging, products on pallets, to covering boats during winter periods with thermo-foil. Aside from packaging foil, our customers are also agricultural households which use agricultural foil, mostly for strawberries ...

About the assortment of our products

    MP Roll Line d.o.o. can offer their buyers the most high quality foils: stretch wrap, shrink wrap, air bubble wrap, polypropylene foil, agricultural foil, strawberries mulch film. We also have all types of industrial bags and sellotapes in our assortment.

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