Industrial bags (sacks) and hoods

Industrijske vreće / džakovi

    Used for packaging of various products such as: artificial fertilizer, plaster, glue, briquettes, detergents, pet food, agricultural products etc. Industrial bags are made from plastic or nylon, with or, rarer without, print. End consumers recognize the packaging which is branded and are able to find more easily and quickly the product they need. Therefore the print on the industrial plastic/nylon bags has become the unavoidable part of product packaging.

    It is possible to print onto the industrial bags in many colors. There are also bags with ventilation openings for special kinds of products which are automatically packaged, such as: artificial fertilizer, glues for tiles, plaster etc.

    In order to pack products or merchandise on pallets, the thermo-shrink hoods are used. The process is automated/mechanical or is done manually by placing a hood onto the pallet which is then heated. After that merchandise on the pallet is completely protected from outside influences.

    Hoods protect products on pallets and have thermo-shrink property.

    In order to pick the best kind of print on bags, it is necessary to give us the details on the type of product you are packaging, the way it will be transported and the necessary quality, so that the relation between the price and the quality is satisfactory for the buyer. Aside from printing preparation and printing itself, we are also able to give you free advice on the best option for you and your product.

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