Strawberries Mulch Film

Folija za jagode

    Standard thickness of film (plastic) for strawberries is 14µm and the width is adjustable to customer’s desires (up to 2 m wide). Aside from strawberries it is also useful for lettuce, peppers, onion...

    Experts recommend black plastic mulch film to be used in strawberry cultivation.

    The use of black plastic mulch film favorably influences the soil and its water regime, since it increases its warmth and humidity, thus decreasing fluctuations. Since it doesn’t let light through, it also prevents weeds from growing. It is good versus fruit rotting, because they don’t lie down on the ground but on the mulch film instead. There is also the fact that black mulch film speeds up fruition.

    The end result is increased yield with given advantages: increased humidity and temperature of soil, branching root, easier care of the plants, less use of plant protection solutions, better germination of plants.

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